Temple of the Feminine Divine

We  recently joined "Library Thing", our books at the Temple will be listed here! Let's create a chat group!


Honoring the Divine Feminine in all Beings - Open to all Faiths and Genders

Join us in honoring Mother Earth and in celebrating the sacred feminine. We invite people from all faiths or traditions to join us as we celebrate nature and the human spirit.

Purpose and Philosophy

Under guardianship of ordained clergy, the Temple is a sanctuary where women and men can explore and deepen their spiritual lives.

We value the power of feminine energy, while honoring and respecting the inherent worth and sacredness of all. We honor Mother Nature. We encourage balance and harmony in the relationship between human and nature, women and men, and human and divine.

An easy way to support the Temple: Using Amazon Smile and a percentage of your purchase gets donated to the Temple of the Feminine Divine. Just click this link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/01-0546434