Temple of the Feminine Divine

The Temple of the Feminine Divine

Honoring the Divine Feminine in all Beings ~ Open to all Faiths and Genders

31 Central Street, Suites 203-205, Bangor, Maine 04401

Phone: (207) 941-0261


 email: webgoddess@templeofthefemininedivine.org

Pre-Litha 2016


 Dear fellow member of the Temple,

     In this time of lengthening days, I reach out to you with a heartfelt request.  Through increased expenses, a general downturn of results and attendance at fundraising events, and other factors – the Temple’s financial status is critical.

 We urgently need your help!  At this point in time we do not actually have the money to pay July’s rent for the Temple space.  We pay a very reasonable rent of only $450/month for the space, with other costs (phone, internet, insurance, etc.) making it so that we need to raise approximately $5,000 to be able to continue to have the Temple’s physical location through the end of this year.   If we are unable to raise this money, we will be unable to continue to have the physical Temple location on Central street that was Kay’s home, and a spiritual home for many of us.  I understand that many of us are struggling financially and do not want to be the “boy that cried wolf”… but the slow attrition of the Temple’s funds over the last five years or so have come to a truly critical point.

Please consider donating money to help ensure that we can “keep the lights on” at the Temple and be a continuing resource for our Community.  Also, as some memberships come due this time of year, please consider adding an extra amount to your membership fee to help the Temple in this time of need. 

 Any donation amount is gratefully accepted to help the future of the Temple  - keep in mind that the Temple of the Feminine Divine is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by law. 

     We have scheduled two individual meetings in the next month to address this crisis:  On Tuesday, June 28th at 6pm there will be a meeting devoted to fundraising and how we can raise funds for the Temple.  On Sunday, July 9th at 3pm there will be a meeting devoted to coming up with a contingency plan in the event that we are unable to raise the funds we need to continue to have a physical location.  All members are encouraged and urged to attend – if that is not an option, please contact someone who will attend (myself, Administrators Salem or Weeza, Hazel, Michele, etc.) with any input or ideas.  Alternately, you can email webgoddess@templeofthefemininedivine.org. 

I wholeheartedly thank everyone for their past support (in all ways) of the  Temple of the Feminine Divine and affirm that our Community will pull together and ensure that the Temple continues to provide the services and spiritual home for our Pagan Community.


 Blessings and gratitude,


Rev. Merlin Littlefield, Treasurer

Honoring the Divine Feminine in all Beings - Open to all Faiths and Genders

Join us in honoring Mother Earth and in celebrating the sacred feminine. We invite people from all faiths or traditions to join us as we celebrate nature and the human spirit.

Purpose and Philosophy

Under guardianship of ordained clergy, the Temple is a sanctuary where women and men can explore and deepen their spiritual lives.

We value the power of feminine energy, while honoring and respecting the inherent worth and sacredness of all. We honor Mother Nature. We encourage balance and harmony in the relationship between human and nature, women and men, and human and divine.

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