"It is imperative that our children, and our children’s children see and feel the divine feminine energy equally with the divine masculine energy. Goddess and Nature spirituality must come out of the groves and secret circles to dance in the open. Its beauty, gentleness, and power will influence generations.” Kay Gardner (1941-2002) -adapted

The vision for the creation of the Temple of the Feminine Divine was to establish a place for the visible presence of the Goddess in Bangor, Maine to redress the imbalance created by her absence.

The Temple was founded with the belief that only when the feminine divine (Goddess) is revered equally with the masculine divine (God) there can be balance and equality in human relations, in nature, and upon Mother Earth.

After many millennia of banishment from Western religions, the Goddess must be reintroduced and emphasized. In focusing on the many attributes of the Feminine Divine, the Temple seeks to reestablish the Goddess to Her place in our worship.