Under the guardianship of ordained clergy, the Temple of the Feminine Divine is a spiritual community that supports one another on our paths of Earth Based Spirituality. We honor Mother Nature and encourage balance and harmony among all beings. We welcome all genders,
sexual orientations, and faiths.
We are committed to reclaiming,
experiencing, and celebrating the
feminine aspect of the Divine.


***Temple News***


Dear Temple friends,

The world has changed!  Watch us grow with it. Although, there are no in person events planned, yet, we continue to have you in mind, and will be hosting events and rituals soon.

Stay tuned, and please email us!

We are excited to continue to be blessed by the Goddess! May harmony and the Divine bestow on you. Holding you in hand and heart.


The Temple of the Feminine Divine.

Covid-19 UPDATE

Please stay tuned here or on our Facebook page for updates.

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